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Jarabacoa Hostel Insider Tips
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Insider Tips

Here is the real scoop on the country, the town of Jarabacoa, culture, food, what to bring, what to not bring, money, etc.

- What to pack
- Airport Arrival
- Cell phones
- Transportation
- Food
- Language

What To Pack

You can buy everything here that you need for your trip including snacks, drinking water for travel, cold medicine/pain killers, bandaids, sun block, shampoo, etc. So, if you forget anything, don't worry! You can buy it here! It just may be slightly more expensive.

This is the Jarabacoa Hostel recommended list of what to pack:

- Hand sanitizer
- Insect repellent
- Umbrella
- Sun hat
- Sun block
- Basic toiletries and personal items
- Basic first aid such as pain killers, cold medicine, anti-diarrhea pills, band-aids
- Flashlight (optional, for walking at night)
- Pocket language dictionary
- Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes
- Jeans or other long pants for down-time, recreation (shorts are not viewed as appropriate/only for river/beach)
- Flipflops (for use at Jarabacoa Hostel)
- A sweater or light jacket
- Light rain coat (for rainy seasons, or if you plan to camp or mountain climb)
- Bathing suit
- Warm pajamas
- High-quality ear plugs

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