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Contact Jarabacoa Hostel
(809) 574-6117
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To Contact Jarabacoa Hostel

Proprietors: Molly-Ann & Rodolfo Cruz
Address: Calle de los Pintores #2, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic
Telephone: (809) 574-6117 (809) 674-3149
Skype: molly-annpereira

A Little About Us

Molly-Ann and I are both full-time volunteers with a local congregation, and spend much of our time in the country campos and extremes of the Central Cordillera region. We have been married for 11 years. We are fluent in Spanish (my first language, her second) and have spent the last several years learning Hatian Kreyol... we are getting there.

Together we have explored the mountains, rivers, valleys, hills, paths, waterfalls and other beautiful areas that have given Jarabacoa its reputation as the mountain-top destination for Caribbean adventurers.  We combine the knowledge and know-how of a local Dominican, with the hard-knocks experience that comes to a foreigner after learning the ropes the hard way. 

Our experience tells us that Jarabacoa is a place you will completely enjoy, often return to, and never forget!

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